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If the street light can know when and when the lighting is off, if you can easily check the energy consumption of the street light online and determine the street light that needs to be repaired, if your city can completely control the lighting, set the lighting time and brightness as needed, if you can What about detailed data visualization and analysis to make better decisions?

We firmly believe that this can make cities more sustainable, more efficient, and ultimately more suitable for people to live in. That's why we developed CityTouch.
CityTouch is a software platform for outdoor lighting. It provides simple web applications to manage street lights and analyze lighting data.

CityTouch app

CityTouch software will connect all lighting assets in your infrastructure, creating new ways to save costs, protect citizens, and increase operational efficiency.

CityTouch provides two web-based applications:

CityTouch Remote Lighting Management

A remote lighting management tool that communicates with luminaires through a public mobile communications network to control them.

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CityTouch Lighting Asset Management

Lighting asset management tools give you a clear understanding of urban lighting assets and workflows.

This gives you an advanced platform to easily manage your lighting infrastructure.

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A lighting partner you can trust

A lighting partner you can trust. With more than 120 years of experience in the lighting industry and expertise in street lighting, Philips can help you achieve your goals faster. We bring you international expertise and local skills by working with cities around the world. TouchCityTouch is in use in more than 250 cities in 31 countries, and the number is increasing!

We developed CityTouch to meet your needs and grow with you. Because the software is web-based, you can get the latest version. We take data security very seriously, so we provide two-step verification, encrypted user sessions, and data backup.


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