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  • [news] Does LED wall pack light come with photocells?

    Have you ever thought that street lights seem to know exactly when to turn on? They are never too early or too late...They are as bright as the sun goes down and the sky darkens. Of course, they are not operated manually. But to be sure, since they open and close at slightly different times every day, do they also not use timers? The answer is the photocell, also known as the dusk to dawn sensor. The founding principle behind the phototube has existed for more than a thousand years, so can it be used in modern LED wall pack lights? Standard photocells require a small current to work during the day when the lights are off. Since LEDs operate at such low voltages, small currents can cause interference, flicker and premature degradation. Therefore, LEDs need different types of phototubes from traditional bulbs. Read More

  • [news] The advantages and disadvantages of LED panel lights

    In recent years, we have seen more and more LED panel lights in the market. From the old-fashioned dark lights that are usually only used and used in offices, to the decorative decorations that can now be seen in commercial and residential applications. LED panel light has wide-angle light output and low glare effect, which is very practical. This passage is going to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of LED panel lights. Read More

  • [news] What kind of LED panel light is there?

    Currently, many discerning buyers are turning to LED panel lights to illuminate their space. LED panel lights are designed and manufactured with low weight aluminum diffusers. These light sources are also elegant when illuminating larger or smaller areas. Light emitting diodes do not need to be obst Read More

  • [news] What is a LED panel light?

    With the development of social science and technology, LED panel light is widely used. What are the advantages of LED panel light? Considering its easy to install, modern design and high efficiency lighting quality, it is one of the best lighting options for indoor applications. The article mainly introduces the advantages of LED panel light. Read More

  • [news] What are the meanings of different LED light colors?

    Color is a visual effect on light produced by our eyes, brain and our life experience. Human perception of color is not only determined by the physical properties of light. For example, human perception of color is often affected by surrounding colors. Although interior design plans pay enough attention to wall paint and floor color, lighting plays a vital role, and this role is often overlooked. Color and lighting affect our psychological function and well-being every day, so it is very important to understand these effects when creating a space for LED panel lighting selection. The lighting power described on the LED bulb package is expressed in thousands, followed by the letter "K", which stands for Kelvin, which is a unit used to measure light temperature. The higher the number before K, the brighter and cooler the light will be Read More




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