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  • [project] What color temperatures are LED wall pack light available in

    Conventional wall pack lighting suffers from high energy costs, frequent maintenance costs, and overall lighting performance issues. LED wall pack lighting can help alleviate all three problems. LED wall pack lighting has three major advantages, including saving energy, reducing maintenance costs an Read More

  • [news] How to choose the proper LED wall pack light?

    Wall packs and wall lamps are outdoor lighting equipment. They are installed flush on the outer wall to evenly illuminate the architectural features, increase pedestrian visibility, and help stop crime. Some wall-mounted lights have photocells or motion sensors that will automatically turn on the light at night or when motion is detected. Full-size and compact wall-mounted bags direct light outward and downward. The anti-glare device can only direct the light downward to minimize light pollution and reduce glare. Decorative wall lamps have an eye-catching appearance and provide accent lighting for apartments, apartments and hotels. Compared with other types of lamps (such as incandescent lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps or metal halides), LED wall pack lights have a longer service life and lower energy consumption. Read More

  • [news] Does LED wall pack light come with photocells?

    Have you ever thought that street lights seem to know exactly when to turn on? They are never too early or too late...They are as bright as the sun goes down and the sky darkens. Of course, they are not operated manually. But to be sure, since they open and close at slightly different times every day, do they also not use timers? The answer is the photocell, also known as the dusk to dawn sensor. The founding principle behind the phototube has existed for more than a thousand years, so can it be used in modern LED wall pack lights? Standard photocells require a small current to work during the day when the lights are off. Since LEDs operate at such low voltages, small currents can cause interference, flicker and premature degradation. Therefore, LEDs need different types of phototubes from traditional bulbs. Read More




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