Why switch to LED wall pack light?

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Why switch to LED wall pack light?

Conventional wall pack lighting suffers from high energy costs, frequent maintenance costs, and overall lighting performance issues. LED wall pack lighting can help alleviate all three problems. LED wall pack lighting has three major advantages, including saving energy, reducing maintenance costs and improving lighting performance.

Here are some little-known facts about LED wall pack lights and wall pack light sensors that will help you when implementing lighting control.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of LED wall pack lighting:

Energy saving

Reduce maintenance costs

Lighting performance

Sensor Wall pack

(1) Energy saving

The common power range of traditional wall lamps is between 70 watts and 400 watts. In contrast, the common power range of LED wall-mounted luminaires is 24 to 82 watts. Only need to switch to LED wall pack light, you can achieve 40%-60% energy reduction. If you consider this from a cost perspective, the electricity bill per fixed installation/year will be reduced by $300.


(2) Reduce maintenance costs

Switching to LED wall pack lights can also help greatly reduce the time spent maintaining wall-mounted lighting. The main reason for the decline in maintenance is the way the LED emits light. The way they develop in their service life is very different from traditional high intensity discharge (HID) lamps. The light output produced by the LED will drop very slowly over time, instead of stopping normal operation once the fuel source is greatly reduced. As a result, the functional life of LED products (usually more than 100,000 hours) may be significantly longer than the life of HID lamps. To give a specific example, by converting a traditional 250w HID wall mount kit to an LED wall mount kit, a typical facility using exterior architectural lighting can save as much as $5,341 in only three years of maintenance costs.


(3) Lighting performance

When discussing lighting performance, we are actually talking about lighting distribution. The LED wall lamp adopts a multi-point design, which can provide a very uniform light distribution. This means that the level of illumination on a given surface varies little between the lamp installation positions. On the other hand, HID lamps usually produce a "bright spot" directly below the lamps. As the distance between the lamps increases, the light intensity will drop sharply. As far as LEDs and HIDs are concerned, the result is a more even distribution of candles from LED conversion. In addition to the uniform distribution of light, LEDs also provide a series of CCT (Correlated Color Temperature)), thus providing a series of options to increase the visual perception of "brightness" without increasing the need for higher power.


(4) Wall pack sensor

LED wall packs usually installed on the side of buildings are also used in parking lots, tunnels, building entrances and sidewalks to provide accent lighting and safety lighting. Although you can manually open and close the wall box or install a timer, the most energy-efficient way to ensure that the wall box is connected to the sensor wall pack (ensure that the lights are turned on only when needed) is one of them.


We hope this article has helped you understand more about our LED wall pack light and the advantages of it.

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