What knowledge you need to know before using the gas station light

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What knowledge you need to know before using the gas station light

Are you considering installing some LED gas station lights? This is a worthwhile investment, which can save a lot of energy and provide better lighting for beginners. In addition, they also reduce maintenance costs and safer light sources. Choosing the right lighting for your parking lot or gas station makes a difference. There are various LED canopy lights with different powers, installations, functions, etc. It is a difficult task to choose one from them. We hope this article will help you.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of using the gas station lights:

What is a gas station light?

Reasons to use LED gas station lights

What are the benefits of LED ceiling lights?


(1) What is a gas station light?

LED gas station lights are gas station lamps manufactured using light-emitting diode (LED) technology. LED technology can save a lot of energy and provide higher quality light.

This may be obvious, but it may not be obvious that even if we call them gas station lights, they are actually target area lights. We can also use them for flood lighting or sports lighting applications. The possible uses are endless.


(2) Reasons to use LED gas station lights

This may be obvious, there are many reasons to choose LED gas station lights:

LED lights provide lower energy consumption and maintenance costs. Generally, the service life of LED lamps is 100,000 hours. This means you don't have to replace them as frequently as HID lights, about once every 5 to 25 years.

Compared with HID, their energy efficiency is 70% higher, allowing you to save thousands of dollars in energy costs. (300 watts instead of 1000 watts). The LED can reach up to 140 lumens to watts.

Another reason for choosing LED lights is the quality of the lights. These lamps provide better color rendering index levels, from 50-inch metal halide to approximately 75-inch LED. Start with 20 in orange high pressure sodium (HPS)! There is also no buzzing or flickering, which is scientifically called total harmonic distortion (THD). The total harmonic distortion (THD) is low, making them safer and easier on the eyes.

The old box does not completely maintain the new appearance and attractive location. It may not be important behind the gas station, but the retail and other customer-related areas are important. The new LED lights look more attractive and provide an updated appearance for the area.

No maintenance for 20 years? Yes, it can be sold there without changing the ballast or changing the bulb. You can focus on specific areas and brighten or darken them. There are many reasons why you can change the brightness of the light. You can follow municipal lighting regulations or reduce light pollution. HID lamps do not have this flexibility.

One of the reasons for choosing LED gas station lights is safety. A gas station with poor lighting is dangerous for everyone. From houses with many crimes to unpredictable driving accidents, these accidents can happen if the lighting is not good. Installing LED lights in gas stations will make people feel safer and customers are more likely to stop. If the parking lot is poorly illuminated, it is easy to use LED lights with high output to make the parking lot safer and brighter, while also saving some energy. In addition, it can also work perfectly with the camera. If an accident occurs, the safety video can clearly capture the incident.

(3) Which Kelvin color should I choose for LED gas station lights?

Answer: LED lights are available in many colors. They are: 3000k-it is a warm white color. This is very useful for all areas of houses and restaurants.

4000K-natural white light. This is a clearer light that can replicate daylight. It is suitable for business or other work areas.

5000K-This is the most suitable white light for large spaces and outdoors. 5000K is our recommended and most popular color.

5700K-light blue, must be used with care. Gas stations and areas that require widespread attention. There are potential environmental problems.


However, we strongly recommend not to use lights with higher colors than these colors. The American Medical Association has warned against using 5700K and 6500K. They stated that they are harmful to humans and the environment.


We hope this article has helped you understand more about LED canopy lights and the usage for gas station. Our product all passed the ETL test, which are all good ETL canopy light. You can choose any types you want, we have 45w/70w canopy lights and other sizes, suitable for every one of you. If you are interested in any LED canopy lights or gas station lights, please contact us.





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