What kind of LED panel light is there?

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What kind of LED panel light is there?

Currently, many discerning buyers are turning to LED panel lights to illuminate their space. LED panel lights are designed and manufactured with low weight aluminum diffusers. These light sources are also elegant when illuminating larger or smaller areas. Light emitting diodes do not need to be obstructed to install or turn on a lot of energy. Therefore, these LED panel lights have attracted the attention of many users for creating fashionable indoor lighting.

This article contains the following:

Different kinds of LED panel lights

Major types of LED panel lights 



(1) Different kinds of LED panel lights

Because the LED film is very thin, you can cut it into various sizes and shapes, so there are various types of LED panel lights. This opens up a whole new world for new indoor lighting.

According to your needs, you can choose different types of LED panel. In the most important and basic installations, LED panels usually require only a little bit of adjustability for lighting.

However, the chips found in the lighting panel can quickly produce a variety of lights coupled with LED panel.


(2) Major types of LED panel lights

Square panel - most LED panels are square. The others are rectangular. Sizes range from 300 * 300 to 300 * 1200. You can always choose one of the sizes depending on the type of fluorescent lamp installation you want to replace.

Circular panel – then comes the round LED panel light, which is usually mounted in a fairly suspended manner. It is the main choice for lighting because it provides low-key installation and attractive bright light for users.

Panels come in many diameters, usually depending on your needs.

Color changing panels – in addition to general lighting in homes and offices, LED panels can be useful in creative lighting options that can be easily changed using a remote control. These lights can be mounted on the ceiling to change the lighting, or better on the walls, and these same panels become attractive places.

Backlight panels - as the name suggests, these panels can be used in conjunction with a light source located on the back of the lighting panel, which can be used for slightly deeper dimple type lighting. The backlight panel projects light from the front.

Temperature adjustable panels - these panels provide basic or full spectrum light. You can use the remote control to adjust it from a warm incandescent style to a cooler fluorescent style.

In other cases, the light may darken or dim depending on your lighting needs.

Edge lighting panel – light source with edge lighting panel is installed around the panel. As a result, light will enter the device and emit light from the surface.

These panels are also ideal for embedded ceilings, making them an important choice for LED type panels.



There are many LED panel lights to choose from in the industry. In multiple installations, you will need to consider urgent needs related to a particular investment. If a power failure occurs, the emergency LED panel should be able to provide some lighting in a fairly clear area (such as an escape route).

LED lighting (semiconductor lighting) which is known as the third light source revolution, it has a wide range of applications. It was first used as an indicator and signal lamp. Now it is widely used in landscape lighting, automobile lights, backlight, general lighting and other fields. It has broad prospects for future development.


Therefore, we hope this article has helped you understand more about LED panel light and its several types. If you need help with choosing different kind of LED panel light for indoor lighting in your commercial, industrial, or work places, you can contact us.

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