What is led high bay light

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LED high bay lights are ideal energy-saving indoor lighting solutions for high-ceiling industrial and commercial places such as warehouses, stadiums, barns and supermarkets. High bay lights provide a wide range of light distribution for these large areas.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of high bay light:

(1) What is high bay light

(2) The advantages of high bay lights?

(3) Other common problems


(1) What is high bay light?

High bay LED lights are the main force in lighting for industrial, warehouse, commercial, public, sports and entertainment venues. The design and specification decisions of overhead lighting involve many issues, including hard-to-reach ceilings, large spaces, harsh working conditions and long operating hours.

High bay lights are designed to illuminate larger interior spaces where the height of the roof truss or ceiling is 6.1 m (20 ft) higher than the floor or working plane. "Bay" originally referred to an internal subspace formed by a skeleton frame designed for certain types of industrial facilities. However, in the lighting industry, the term has been expanded to include almost any interior space with a large area of lighting space. Elevated facilities are usually designed for industrial production, warehousing and storage, indoor sports, large-scale retail, exhibitions and conferences. Hard-to-reach ceilings, large spaces, harsh operating conditions and long operating hours. These challenges place high demands on the robustness and efficiency of high bay lights.


(2) The advantages of high bay lights?

High bay lighting aims to provide substantially uniform lighting throughout the area. Uniform horizontal illumination is very important for task visibility, material handling and overall circulation. Most industrial, retail and category III sports facilities require an average uniformity ratio of 3:1 or lower. High-bay luminaires that provide a very uniform light distribution will greatly contribute to good visual conditions and wide luminaire spacing. By spreading the LEDs on a large circuit board with an optimal spacing, and evenly distributing the light emitted by the LEDs through a precisely designed compound lens, the illumination uniformity of the high-bay LED illuminator can be improved.

Color rendering is a general expression of the ability of a light source to faithfully reproduce the color of an object. Cost and efficacy often affect the color quality of industrial lighting and commercial lighting sources. LEDs with higher color rendering properties are more expensive and less efficient than LEDs with lower color rendering properties. Therefore, the color rendering index (CRI Ra) of most LEDs used in high bay lighting applications is about 80. However, for color-critical applications, the light source may require a CRI Ra of at least 90 or high scores of saturated colors from R9 to R12, especially R9 (for red color rendering) is usually ignored in low-cost LEDs.

High bay lighting usually provides a correlated color temperature (CCT) in the range of 4000 K-5500 K. This is because the higher percentage of blue in high CCT light sources stimulates the alertness and mobility of the occupants, thereby keeping them alert and efficient. The relatively high amount of blue wavelength also stimulates the photoreceptor to shrink the pupil of the eye, resulting in better visual acuity under low-brightness conditions (myopia)..


(3) Other common problems

The bright and uniform light produced by high bay LED lights will not fade over time. Compared with metal halide lamps, they can save 50% of energy and 60% of energy on high-shelf linear fluorescent lamps. The high bay projects directional light where you need it, so you don't have to buy multiple fixtures to get the job done. You will find them in warehouses, retail stores and stadiums, to name a few. So how many LED high bay lights do I need? We recommend using the indoor lighting layout tool. This tool can simulate the light output of a luminaire in a custom-sized room. It will tell you the number of lamps needed to achieve the desired lighting level. High bay lights are commonly used in ceilings 20-40 feet above the floor, such as in warehouses and industrial applications. However, lower high bay lights are used for ceilings less than 20 feet above the floor, such as in retail stores, grocery stores, and workshops.


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