What is a LED panel light?

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What is a LED panel light?

With the development of social science and technology, LED panel light is widely used. What are the advantages of LED panel light? Considering its easy to install, modern design and high efficiency lighting quality, it is one of the best lighting options for indoor applications. The article mainly introduces the advantages of LED panel light.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

Wide use and high quality of LED panel light

LED panel light saves energy and protects the environment

LED panel light is easy to install

(1) Wide use and high quality of LED panel light

Panel light which passed the ETL test can be called the ETL panel light. ETL SEMKO is part of Intertek Testing Services Limited, the world's largest product and commodity inspection organization. Any electrical, mechanical or electromechanical product with ETL inspection mark indicates that it has been tested and conforms to relevant industry standards. 

LED panel light adopts high quality reflector and sealing design. High efficiency light guide plate and high-quality aluminum material are also an important part of panel light. Its special circuit design enables each light to work independently. That is to say, if a small part of the light is broken, the whole system still works normally. As a result, it has a higher brightness and It is widely used and has a trend to replace grid lights. 

Low-powered panel lights are called downlights, which are mostly used for indoor lighting. LED panel lights are mainly used in large areas such as kitchen, bathroom decoration while Downlights are more used in home or living room decoration.


(2) LED panel light saves energy and protects the environment

LED panel lamp adopts advanced lighting function, so it can save 3 times power compared with traditional fluorescent lamp under the same brightness intensity.

LED panel lights do not make noise. Thus, they are suitable for libraries and offices. Traditional fluorescent lamps use alternating current, so they produce 100-120 stroboscopic flashes per second. LED panel light is the direct conversion of AC to DC, they will not produce flicker phenomenon, which are good for our eyes. LED panel lights do not produce ultraviolet light, so they do not have a lot of mosquitoes coiled around the lamp source like traditional lighting lamps. The room will be clean and tidy.

LED panel light is a green lighting technology It has no mercury, no radiation, and almost no pollution in the manufacturing process. All the materials used can be recycled, and these recyclable characteristics are very important for the sustainable development of economy and society.

Ordinary lighting lamps and lanterns contain a lot of mercury vapor. If they are broken, mercury vapor will volatilize into the atmosphere. However, LED panel lamp do not use mercury and do not contain lead, which plays a role in maintaining the environment. The traditional lamps and lanterns will produce a lot of heat energy, while LED panel lamp convert all electric energy into light energy, which will not form waste of energy. By using LED panel lights, the documents and clothing will not fade.


(3) LED panel light is easy to install

Generally speaking, there are 3 installation methods for it.

The embedded installation method is suitable for integrated ceiling installation, and is also the most common installation method. This installation method is simple. 

The hoisting installation method is suitable for the installation of individual decoration. You need to hang the lighting from the ceiling with a hanging wire. This installation method is flexible.

Inlaid installation method is a traditional installation method, it is suitable for simple decoration occasions. Draw the inner edge size of the LED panel light frame and cut it, then insert the light into it.

Pay attention to make the installation without electricity. You should read the installation manual carefully before installation.


We hope this article has helped you understand more about the advantages of LED panel light. If you need a LED panel light, Downlights, Linear Lights please contact us.




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