What color temperatures are LED wall pack light available in

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What color temperatures are LED wall pack light available in

Conventional wall pack lighting suffers from high energy costs, frequent maintenance costs, and overall lighting performance issues. LED wall pack lighting can help alleviate all three problems. LED wall pack lighting has three major advantages, including saving energy, reducing maintenance costs and improving lighting performance.

Here are some little-known facts about LED wall pack lights and wall pack light sensors that will help you when implementing lighting control.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of LED wall pack lighting:

Correlated color temperature

Color temperature

LED wall pack light color temperature


(1) Correlated color temperature

Correlated color temperature is a measurement method used to replace the color temperature of lights that are not close to blackbody radiators (that is, they emit light through processes other than thermal radiation). Fluorescent lamps and LED lamps (light emitting diodes) fall into this category, so CCT is used for evaluation. Correlated color temperature is a specification used to describe the main hue of a non-black body luminous body so that it can be accurately compared and contrasted with those luminous bodies that have similar black body radiation (such as incandescent lamps). Ratings at the lower end of the scale (~2000K) are usually called "warm" (usually red and yellow), while ratings at the upper end of the scale (5000K+) are usually called "cold" (usually white to light blue) ... and color temperature scale is the same.


(2) Color temperature

Color temperature is a way to describe the characteristics of visible light from different emitters. The color temperature scale works by comparing the visible light emission of a given bulb with the visible light emission of a "black body" emitter (an object whose surface temperature is the same as its color temperature value).


(3) LED wall pack light color temperature

3000K, 4000K and 5000K. 3000K- Warm and soft lighting, usually used in residential applications. 4000K-Natural white light similar to moonlight. It emits a light blue, cool tone. 5000K-most similar to daylight. It is full of energy and is perfect for task lighting or any application that requires viewing high details.


Although the deep red glow occurs at relatively low surface temperatures, it is often referred to as the "warm" color temperature. That's because humans usually associate red with fire, and therefore associate hot things (called "warm" in this case). In contrast, white or bluish light emission occurs at relatively high filament surface temperatures, but is often referred to as "cold" color temperature. That's because humans usually associate blue with ice, and therefore refer to colder things (called "coolness" in this case).


The above chart shows the color temperature of different light sources when working at their typical operating power, but it is important to realize that the actual color temperature will be within a certain range, depending on the amount of power applied to the light source (causing the filament temperature to rise , Resulting in a "lower" color temperature (higher K value).


We hope this article has helped you understand more about our LED wall pack light and the color temperatures of it.

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