What are the meanings of different LED light colors?

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What are the meanings of different LED light colors?

Color is a visual effect on light produced by our eyes, brain and our life experience. Human perception of color is not only determined by the physical properties of light. For example, human perception of color is often affected by surrounding colors.

Although interior design plans pay enough attention to wall paint and floor color, lighting plays a vital role, and this role is often overlooked. Color and lighting affect our psychological function and well-being every day, so it is very important to understand these effects when creating a space for LED panel lighting selection.

The lighting power described on the LED bulb package is expressed in thousands, followed by the letter "K", which stands for Kelvin, which is a unit used to measure light temperature. The higher the number before K, the brighter and cooler the light will be.

This article contains the following:

Different color temperatures give us different feelings

Choosing the right color LED

(1) Different color temperatures give us different feelings

Different color temperatures will create different atmospheres. For example, warm colors can create a warm, romantic and comfortable atmosphere, while cool colors can make the picture appear fresh or cold and desolate. Staying in a different atmosphere will also affect our emotional feelings subtly. LED panel light with different color temperature will show different feelings. Let us see some examples.

a. Warm color light (color temperature below 3000K): The warm color light is similar to the incandescent light, and the red light has more components, which can give people a warm and comfortable feeling. It can be used in the living room, dining room, bedroom and other leisure places for people to rest and relax.

b. Intermediate color (color temperature is 3000~5000k): The light is soft, giving people a pleasant, refreshing, and clean feeling. It can be used in places that require daily work such as kitchens, bathrooms, cloakrooms, etc.

c. Cool light (color temperature above 5000K): The light source is close to natural light, it has a bright, calm, and cool feeling, which can make people concentrate. Generally speaking, it is not suitable for families and can be used in offices, hospitals and other places that require concentrated work.


Too cold color light will make the picture bluish, and too warm will make the picture reddish. This will deviate from the actual home lighting we see.


(2) Choosing the right LED color

Light bulbs with a lower Kelvin range work best in most houses from the living area to the bedroom. Lighting affects your mood, so the warm appearance will make people relax in these rooms. The lower Kelvin bulb is closest to the old incandescent "soft white" lighting.

Cold light lighting with higher Kelvin is best for work areas such as laundry rooms, garages and studios. This kind of indoor lighting can bring out the details and colors of the room. Most commercial offices use cool lighting, so it makes sense for mission-oriented residential rooms.

The decor of the room can also play a role in your lighting choices. Areas with wood floors and rich furniture will benefit from warm lighting. A white room looks best under natural lighting. However, the coolest white light bulbs may make most white rooms appear vivid or even harsh.

Certain LED lights can also be used with dimmer switches, allowing you to increase or decrease the light output of the bulb and fine-tune your mood.


We hope this article has helped you understand more about LED panel light and its special color temperature. If you need help with choosing the correct color of lighting for your commercial, industrial, or work places, you can contact us.

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