The way to choose an appropriate led floodlight

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The way to choose an appropriate led floodlight

When placed strategically, floodlights (also known as safety lights) can provide the best quality of lighting. They are ideal for building facades, billboard lighting, elevated highway sign lighting and similar applications. Choosing the right LED floodlight for various applications can be a daunting task. This is mainly due to the wide range of options available. If you are confused when choosing the appropriate floodlight for your application, we hope this article can help you.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of choosing an appropriate led floodlight:

(1) Why to choose LED floodlights

(2) Features to look for

(3) the difference between household and industrial floodlights


(1) Why to choose LED floodlights

Their energy efficiency is 90% higher than halogen equivalents.

They operate reliably at low temperatures (usually as low as -20°C).

They are resistant to shock or vibration.

They have a long service life, reduce maintenance work, and are ideal for hard-to-reach areas.

What is more, the price of LEDs lasts longer, is cooler, costs less when logging in, and saves a lot of energy. This makes LED the primary choice when choosing a bulb or fixture. With the passage of time, incandescent lamps have become a distant and distant past. Due to their high-power consumption and low efficiency, better and more innovative alternatives have been introduced, such as CFL and LED. But the question still exists, CFL or LED? The answer is simple: LED lights are always better.

There are several different models of LEDs available on the market today, and deciding which one to buy can be a feat. Therefore, if you have to keep certain conditions in mind when choosing a standard, for example, you need an estimated brightness, you want a warm light or a cold light, whether it's a fixture or a refurbished device, it will be helpful.


(2) Features to look for

Lumens: used to measure the brightness of the light source-the higher the lumens, the brighter the light source. When choosing a floodlight, the larger the space, the more lumens you need.

PIR: stands for passive infrared receiver. This means that when motion is detected, the floodlight will be activated.

Beam angle: The angle of light distribution-the larger the angle, the more area covered by the light.

Color temperature: Kelvin (k) measurement unit from "warm" to "cold"-the higher the Kelvin number, the colder the light. If you choose floodlights to illuminate garden features, you may need to choose a warmer, more pleasant color temperature with a lower Kelvin rating, such as warm white. Cooler whites with higher Kelvin ratings provide crisper light and are ideal for practical or safety purposes.

IP65: This means that the floodlight is protected and will not spray water from all angles.


(3) the difference between household and industrial floodlights

Generally, household floodlights need to illuminate a relatively small area, and are often used for decoration and security purposes. Using floodlights that are too bright in the building area may cause disturbance to neighbors.

Industrial spaces are usually larger and require more powerful floodlights to fully illuminate them. Industrial floodlights are used for practical purposes-to provide reliable safety and ensure that employees can work safely outside of the day.

The range of household floodlights is between 400lm and 3,000lm

Industrial floodlights range from 4,000lm to 24,000lm

4000lm-5,000lm floodlights may also be suitable for larger home floors.


We hope this article has helped you understand more about floodlight and the advantaged of floodlight. If you need any LED floodlights or other outdoor lights, please contact us, we shall give you the best services. If you have any problem in choosing LED floodlights, you can also contact us.  




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