The way to choose a suitable ETL wall pack light

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Switching to LED wall pack lights can save customers up to 70% of energy.

This is a victory for you. Since you need at least 100,000 hours to get any maintenance. During these 100,000 beautiful hours, your customers will also benefit from higher security. In fact, wall packs are usually the preferred fixture for any place where safety is required. Criminals hate them. And there are good reasons. Their bright and bright light turns the night into daylight without glare or hot spots.

See how wall-mounted packaging can make multiple different applications instantly better. This passage would like to help you find a way to choose a suitable ETL wall pack light.

This passage contains the following:

Main types of LED wall pack light

Factors to consider when choosing wall pack lights

Advantages of LED wall pack lights


(1) Main types of LED wall pack lights

The following are some known types of ETL wall pack lights:

Full-cut LED wall-mounted lighting: Cut-off lighting provides an angle for wall-mounted lighting, allowing you to focus on specific or desired areas instead of wide-angle lighting. Although they are fixed or rigid lights, full-cut LED wall lights are energy-saving, bright and environmentally friendly.

Rotatable wall pack: The rotatable wall pack allows the beam to rotate to highlight a given area (e.g. landscape).

Integrated motion sensor wall pack: The use of sensors in the wall pack can provide additional benefits. These wall packs are equipped with motion sensors that can detect movement in the dark and illuminate when there are people around.


(2) Factors to consider when choosing wall pack lights

LED wall packaging improves the safety of the installation area. They can be installed in buildings, hotels, hospitals and gardens, educational institutions and university campuses, streets and industrial units' exterior areas. Choosing the right wall pack for your application is crucial. Here are some pointers that may be helpful when making a decision.

Photocell: Observing the dark sky is an important aspect when choosing wall-mounted packaging. The photocell can detect light. Once the light is detected, the fixed light will go out and turn on when it is dark. Therefore, this helps to save energy. In some places, there must be photocells for external wall packaging.

Sensors: Motion sensors and occupancy sensors help detect movement. Therefore, when they feel that the area is inhabited, the lights will come on, otherwise they will remain dormant. These are all ways to save energy.

Warranty: When purchasing wall packaging, please pay attention to the warranty of non-defective materials, fixtures, colors, light output, and a service life of at least five years from the date of delivery.

Certification: All LED packaging manufacturers must comply with standards and certifications. When purchasing, you must seek DLC and UL certification and ROHS certification.

Humidity and humidity level: Since LED wall-mounted batteries are mainly used in outdoor environments, it is important to check their resistance to rain and humid atmospheres. When buying a wall pack to be used in rainy and humid environments, check the UL wetness rating. If devices without this rating are installed in a humid place, their service life may be limited.

Lumen: Lumen provides us with the exact amount of light that our eyes can see. The more lumens, the higher the brightness of the lamp.

Wattage: This is basically the working power of the lamp in watts. Therefore, more power is required to cover a large area.

Service life and maintenance: LED uses diodes instead of ordinary filaments for lighting. Therefore, the chance of breakage in the lamp is very low, as it occurs in an incandescent lamp with a filament. Therefore, the maintenance cost of LED wall mounted batteries is low, and the average service life is four to five years.


(3) Advantages of LED wall pack lights

By now, we must know that LED wall packaging is a great alternative to incandescent or sodium vapor type lighting. We also know that they have a long service life and lower power consumption. There are other benefits:

They do not contain mercury and lead.

They are cost-effective over a period of time due to the savings in electricity bills

They help reduce the carbon footprint and are therefore environmentally friendly

Their white is bright and soothing, very similar to natural light.

They are low maintenance and easy to install.

They will not buzz.


We hope this article has helped you understand more about choosing ETL wall pack light. Our product all passed the ETL test, which are all good ETL wall pack light. You can choose any sizes you want, we have small wall pack light and other sizes, suitable for every one of you. If you need to switch to LED wall pack light or need to fix a LED wall pack sensor please contact us.





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