The principle for wall pack sensor

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The principle for wall pack sensor

This passage contains the following:

Wall pack sensor function



(1) Wall pack sensor function

Where there is sufficient light, the LED wall pack light will turn off; on the contrary, in a dark place, the light will turn on.

When the light sensor is in sufficient light (outdoor or indoor with sufficient light), the light will automatically go out after about 2-3 seconds. When the light is relatively dark, the light will automatically turn on. If there is sufficient light, try to cover the light sensor with your hand. After 2-3 seconds, the light will automatically turn on. This is the function of the light sensor, which can save electricity.


(2) Principle

 The light wall pack sensor actually works according to the principle of photoelectric effect. The so-called photoelectric effect refers to the phenomenon that certain special substances can convert light energy into electrical energy after absorbing light. The photoelectric effect can be divided into two types: external photoelectric effect and internal photoelectric effect. The external photoelectric effect refers to the fact that electrons can be emitted from the inside of the substance to produce electricity under the irradiation of light. The photoelectric tube and the photomultiplier tube are all originals made based on the external photoelectric effect. Correspondingly, the internal photoelectric effect occurs inside the substance. When light irradiates the substance, the resistivity inside the substance is changed, thus generating an electromotive force. Photoelectric elements such as photoresistors and photocells are made based on the internal photoelectric effect.


The light wall pack sensor in our mobile phone should actually belong to the ambient light sensor, which is mainly composed of two parts: a light projector and a light receiver. The white dot next to the front camera acts as a lens to focus the light in the environment and transmit it to the light receiver via the projector. According to the photoelectric effect, the light receiver can convert various optical signals into corresponding electrical signals, and then further process them into various switches and control actions to realize the sensitivity adjustment of the mobile phone.


An infrared cut-off film is often attached to the chip of the ambient light sensor to eliminate the interference of infrared light, so that our mobile phones, laptops and other electronic devices can accurately perceive the intensity of visible light in the environment. In the case of high-power consumption of the display, the light sensor can also automatically adjust the brightness of the screen to extend the working time of the battery.


Although all of this sounds technically incredible, the important point for consumers is that LED wall pack lights have changed the lighting landscape, and the practical applications of this technology are almost limitless.

We hope this article has helped you understand more about our LED wall pack light and the principle of wall pack sensor.

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