Our LED panel light good for your eyes?

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Our LED panel light good for your eyes?

What is the principle of light generation of LED lights? LED panel lights are made of light-emitting diodes, which are more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient than incandescent lamps. However, the white light of some LED panel lights on the market is mixed to obtain white light by covering a layer of yellow phosphor on an LED chip that emits blue light. If blue light is strong, it will hurt people's eyes. But not all blue light can harm our eyes. For example, our daily use of mobile phones, computer monitors, TVs, etc. all contain blue light. If blue light were really so scary, we would all have eye diseases. So, we don’t need to be so afraid of blue light.


This passage will answer the following questions:

Is there more blue light from LED panel lights?

Will blue light cause harm to your eyes?

How to avoid the eyes receiving too much light in a short time?

(1) Is there more blue light from LED panel lights?

Like other artificial light sources, LEDs also contain blue light. Some people even say that because the light-emitting principle of LED is to excite yellow phosphor by blue chip, it is assumed that the blue light component of ear LED is higher than other artificial light sources. However, according to scientific measurement (as long as there is a spectrum analyzer, it can be measured), the blue light content of LED is actually the same as other energy-saving bulbs and incandescent bulbs (under the same light color premise, for example, warm white light or All are cold white light). Simply put, LEDs, like other lights, will not cause more damage due to more blue light.

(2) Will blue light cause harm to your eyes?

Light is an energy. The reason why we can see light is that light forms an image on the retina, and when it forms an image, it also accumulates energy. If this energy accumulates too much in a short period of time, it can cause damage to the retina. Under the same brightness, the energy of different colors of light is different. According to the research of scientists, because the wavelength of blue light is relatively short, it is easier to penetrate the eye. Therefore, the impact on the retina is higher than that of other colors of light. This is the reason why we often hear ‘blue light injury your eyes’. To see obtains, the retina receives light and energy, but it's not a good thing that the retina receives too much energy in a short period of time, so scientists have developed a method to tell people how to avoid accumulating too much energy in a short period of time. IEC engineers have defined this method as an international standard called IEC 62778. This standard tells us that when you try to look directly at a light source or lamp at a distance of 20 cm, if the energy of the light source (mainly from blue light and part of green light) can let your eyes look directly at it more than 10000 seconds. We define the light source and lamp as rg0 (risk exclusion level) if the light source and lamp are directly looked at, the duration of direct viewing is 10, When significant damage to the retina is likely to occur between 1000 and 100 seconds, we classify it as Rg1 (low-risk level), and Rg2 when the direct viewing time is 100 seconds. In the safety regulations of lamps and lanterns all over the world, rg0 and Rg1 are suitable for reading and writing desk lamps. The difference mainly lies in the length of time that can directly look at the light source without affecting the retina. However, it is the right way to protect the eyes that do not stare at the light source.


(3) How to avoid the eyes receiving too much light in a short time?

If you stare at the light source for a long time, even the RG0 lamps may cause damage to the retina. Therefore, to avoid blue light damage to the eyes, there are several things to pay attention to: 1. Choose RG0 or RG1 lamps. 2. Adjust the height and angle of the light source of the desk lamp to avoid seeing the light source under normal sitting posture. 3. Don't deliberately stare at the light source at a close range. As long as the above three points are achieved, the retina will not be harmed even if you read under the lamp for too long. In fact, myopia is the biggest killer of eye health.


Judging from above, our LED panel lights are harmless. You can choose our 4/6inch LED panel light and 9/15w panel light product without hesitate. And we also have downlight for indoor lighting. Our product all passed the ETL test, which are all good and safe ETL panel light.

We hope this article has helped you understand more about our LED panel light and how to protect your eyes. you If you need a LED panel light, Downlights, Linear Lights please contact us.




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