How to install the indoor light?

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How to install the indoor light?

Lighting installation must comply with lighting principles. Room lighting is not just to illuminate the room, but to do it in accordance with certain principles and requirements, to have a good decorative effect and reflect the lighting function. There are many questions about installing indoor lights.

This article contains the following:


Specific steps of install the indoor light

Other precautions of install the indoor light


(1) Safety

The LED light and its pipes should be selected from brand products that meet national standards. Select the lighting conditions of the protection type according to the appropriate conditions. For safety, a screw lamp holder with live part not exposed should be used. In order to prevent fire, except open lamps, lamps of 100W and above shall use porcelain lamp holders. Considering safety, lamp holder should not contain switch or socket. The height of indoor light should not be less than 2.5m in general. The installation of lamps should be firm and reliable. Lighting lamps, fluorescent lamp ballasts and other heating elements shall not be installed closely with combustible materials. The indoor lighting line should avoid heating pipes, and the distance between them should not be less than 30cm. The switch of single-phase lighting circuit in the distribution box must adopt bipolar switch; The single-pole switch of the lighting fixture must be installed on the phase line.


(2) Specific steps install the indoor light

Step 1: Turn off the power

For some fixtures, you can simply turn off the power to the switch, but I recommend always turning off the power to the circuit breaker. If it is lucky, the circuit breaker on the electrical panel will be labeled. If this is not the case, you need to turn off the circuit breaker, and then use a voltage detector to ensure that the area to be worked is not "hot".

Step 2: Connect the wires

The standard box of the luminaire will have three wires, white wire (neutral wire), black wire (current) and copper wire (ground wire). The permanent fixture may have a plate that will connect to the two screw holes on both sides of the box. Wires can be connected to the fixture in different ways. In either case, a wire stripper can be used to remove the 3/4-inch wire sheath. To connect to a screw connection, bend the wire into a U shape, wrap it around the screw, and then compress the wire to tighten the screw. (White wire to silver screw, black wire to gold screw, ground wire to green screw.)

Step 3: fix the light

After fixing the lamp, install the bulb, turn on the circuit breaker again, and then emit light.


(3) Other precautions of install the indoor light

The lighting should set off the room more beautifully. The illumination of light should take care of the contours, levels and main images of the objects in the room. For some special furnishings such as ornaments, hanging paintings, carpets, vases, fish tanks, etc., it should also reflect or even beautify its colors.

What is more, indoor Lighting must be reliable and safe. Lamps and lanterns are not allowed to leak or catch fire.

You should always remember that indoor lighting is not necessarily better with more, and the key is scientific and reasonable. The lighting design is to meet people's visual and aesthetic needs, to maximize the practical value and appreciation value of the indoor space, and to achieve the unity of use and aesthetic functions.


We hope this article has helped you understand more about install indoor light.

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